Crystal Therapy

Crystals, stones and minerals have a powerful energy of their own. By tapping into that energy and aligning it with our own, we can use crystals to improve all areas of our lives. Specific crystals will have their own individual properties and powers. For example, crystals can help you to sleep better, they can reduce headaches, help to prevent colds, reduce stress, attract success and more.

In my crystal therapy sessions, I might use crystals in a variety of ways depending on your own personal circumstances and aspirations. I might use a pendulum to ‘diagnose’ issues or identify blockages in the energy flow around your body. I might give you a crystal to carry with you for a period of time. Sometimes I lay crystals on strategic parts of your body, or prepare you special crystal essences to rub on pulsepoints or to drink. The treatment you receive is totally personalised just for you.

If you are unsure whether crystal therapy is for you, or you are just curious to know more then you can book a 30-minute introductory session for £35. A 1-hour full consultation costs £50 and a 6-week course of treatment costs £200.

One of the many crystals I use regularly
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