Colour Therapy

It still always amazes me how much colour can influence us – think about the colour of your bedroom, your living room, your phone case …. you chose all of these for a reason. How do they make you feel? We all know that some colours seem more relaxing than others.

Colour therapy aims to work with your own body and your own energy fields (your chakras and auras for example) to open any blocked energy channels and to make you feel like your best self. It might be that you have a particular goal or problem and we can work on that together using colour.

I use a variety of different methods in my colour therapy session, including coloured silks, different coloured glasses, coloured lights, crystals, waters, and energetic healing. The treatment you receive will be totally personal to you.

Colour therapy does normally involve a course of treatment rather than a one-off. An initial consultation costs £50 which will allow me to discuss your particular needs and for you to decide whether colour therapy is for you based on my recommendations. A full 6-week course of treatment then costs £200.

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