Summer 2021 update

Namaste beloved friends and students,

Well, what interesting times we are living in! I had an email all ready to go out to you all, once restrictions lifted on 21st June. But it seems it wasn’t to be, just yet. As you are aware, I am ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’, so I won’t be teaching at all, or offering any therapies, until restrictions are lifted. Many of you will have different views on that, but it is my decision and I would ask you please to respect that.


Classes restarting

So restrictions are now going to lift (we hope) on 19th July. That happens to be not only my daughter’s last week at Primary School, but also her birthday week. So I won’t be starting classes up that week, as I’m sure you will understand. The following week sees the start of the school summer holidays. I would be prepared to teach some classes over the holidays if the demand is there, but I won’t be offering a full timetable. It would be really helpful if you could please let me know as soon as possible whether you are interested in any yoga classes over the summer. That could be adult classes, yoga tots, kids classes (please specify the age(s) of the children), pregnancy, post-natal, or Family Fun classes. If there is not sufficient interest over the summer, then I plan to restart classes properly in September.


Workshops and one-off classes

I am also hopeful that from September I will be running workshops and special one-off classes (hopefully in conjunction with a very dear friend). Details will follow once we have finalised them. If you have any particular physical, mental, emotional or life-stage issues you would like me to cover in a workshop then I am always open to suggestions. Likewise if there is a particular aspect of yoga or meditation, or any of the other therapies I offer (aromatherapy, Reiki, crystal healing, colour therapy) that you would like to learn more about then do let me know.


There will be a few changes to the way I run my classes going forwards and I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know a few of them…….


Timetable changes

Finding the right time and place for my classes is always a challenge – even more so now I also have ventilation and sanitisation to add to our list of requirements. I try very hard to accommodate everyone’s preferences for days and times of classes as much as I can. Over the last couple of years I have constantly struggled to get my class numbers up to a level where I am making money as opposed to just breaking even (or even making a loss). Lockdown has given me time to reflect on this and I can see that I was running too many classes on too many different days, to try and please everyone. It got to a point where I was running lots of classes with just 2 or 3 people in each class. I was just spread too thinly across the week. I can feel that I’m in danger of falling into that same pattern again. And of course I cannot possibly provide classes to suit everyone otherwise I would be working 24/7. So I have made a business decision to cut down the number of classes I run when they restart. I apologise if the days and times aren’t going to be suitable for you, but I hope you understand. Don’t forget that you can always book me for a one-to-one, couples or family class at other times.


Watch this space for details of my new classes as and when they are arranged.



I have made a decision across all my businesses to go cash-free. You can instead pay online either by BACS or PayPal, or I have a card reader for contactless payments. I do not currently plan to put any of my prices up, so they will remain the same as they have since 2019.


Booking system

I have also made the decision not to accept drop-ins to my classes but to require everyone to pre-book if they plan to attend. This can simply be by text, WhatsApp, email, through my Facebook pages, or by a phone call – there is no fancy booking system for you to get to grips with! You will need to book your classes at least 24 hours in advance each time, or you can block-book (and receive a discount) if you prefer.



Even if/when restrictions are lifted, I will still remain vulnerable as a transplant patient. I must insist, therefore, that you do not come to class if you have a cold, flu, or any bacterial or viral infection. I will also not be sharing any equipment – you must bring with you any props you will need, including your own mat and blanket(s). I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Mat cleaner, hand sanitiser etc will always be available at my classes.


Please do stay in touch – you are warmly invited to join my WhatsApp groups for either Bek Smith Yoga Classes or Yoga Tots. If you are on Social Media then please like and follow my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Finally, I am always available on email at or my new phone number07423 491134.


Wishing you all the very best of health and happiness. Enjoy the sunshine and I look forward to seeing you as soon as circumstances permit.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti

Bek x

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