Why I love my job 😊

Despite all appearances to the contrary, I am actually quite organised when it comes to my teaching 😂 I plan themes etc months in advance so that my classes follow an overall structure. Today’s Gentle Hatha Class was meant to be all about ankles. However, one of my students has injured her Achilles’ tendon so I thought I’d better not do that today! I hurriedly put together a new lesson plan, abandoning the one I had already written, trying to think of postures which would help rather than harm this student (and all my other students, with their various issues and injuries). I’m pleased to say the class went well, and at the end of the class my student with the Achilles problem came up to me to say what a wonderful class it had been and how she felt it had really helped her. I know I shouldn’t let that affect me (ego loves a compliment!) but it is moments like that that remind my why I love my job so much 💚

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