Mind blown!

I spent last Sunday afternoon at a workshop about Ayurveda. I had heard of Ayurveda before but I HAD NO IDEA!!! It has completely blown my mind! Our wonderful teacher, Angie, not only helped us to identify our own Dosha (one of the 3 body types) but we got to try special food, oils, massage and drinks too. She explained obesity, illnesses, even occupations all through Ayurveda. It made so much SENSE! It has definitely whetted my appetite to learn more, and it will hopefully make me a better yoga teacher. Now I can see what my students’ Doshas are, I can understand why they like certain poses, and in some cases why those poses are the exact opposite of what they need. It was heartening to learn that our old favourite, the Sun Salutation, is excellent from an Ayurveda point of view as well as covering all our chakras, as we know. If anyone would like to know more, do ask…. I can’t shut up about it all, I’m so excited!

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