Gentle Hatha Yoga at Cromford

So, after changing locations multiple times, our new home is at Cromford Community Centre. We are in a lovely upstairs room. I am teaching 2 classes there currently, both on a Tuesday morning.

At 9.30 we have a one- hour class which is really just a gentle Hatha class. Suitable for everyone, including complete beginners, and also for those with injuries or illness. Payment is by donation, the suggested donation being £6. There’s no need to pre-book but block booking will give you a discount.

The second class is at 11 and lasts 90 minutes. In this class we explore some of the other aspects of yoga, not just the physical. We look at some of the history and philosophy of yoga, we chant and we meditate. The physical part of the class is again very gentle and suitable for beginners and those with illness or injury. The suggested donation for this class is £8 and again there are discounts available for block booking.

For both classes, your first class is FREE so do come along and give it a try. You would be very welcome. We’re a friendly bunch, we like to giggle at ourselves, and there is always cup of herbal tea on offer for anyone who wants one.

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